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Five Mental Health Accounts to Follow During Quarantine

Five Mental Health Accounts to Follow During Quarantine


During these trying times, anxiety and panic can overcome us. We are living in unprecedented circumstances. The overload of information and not knowing what will come next is taking an emotional and mental toll on all of us. 

The good news is - because there's always something good around - that we have so many channels to stay connected and together while we are apart. Social media, for example, has become a great medium to support each other and share valuable information and tools to help us cope with the situation, and actually, thrive. 

And since good things should be shared, we have curated a list of our top six mental health Instagram accounts to help you navigate these uncertain times mindfully. 

Let's get started! Shall we? 


Sara Kuburić, MA, CCC
Existential psychotherapist raising awareness and writing about what it means to be human.


Covering all the basics to help people understand more about themselves, healthy boundaries, relationships and more, in simple but powerful posts. 


Therapy wherever & whenever you need it. Get #COVID19 support - see our highlight for more.

An online platform for mental health support, which also provides great content about healthy relationships, anxiety, an all things mental health. 


Melissa Webb
Mental Health Illustrator.


Fun and easy to understand illustrations that keep us motivated and optimistic.


Tori Press
Human storyteller. Therapy enthusiast.

Mental health gets prettier with this illustrated. Highly useful information presented in the most beautiful way. It nurtures your soul as well as your eyes. 


I’m a psychologist who writes.
This isn’t #therapy. It's Instagram.

Sticky notes heaven! Dr. Jenn makes psychology fun with sticky notes with motivation, statements, and more to help us understand our feelings and what's going on inside our heads. 


We hope this brings a little light to your self-isolation time. Plus, we encourage you to explore more accounts - and share with us any gem you find! #WeAreTogether